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Closing Sales Techniques

Helping You Close More Sales


No matter how hard you work, how well you prospect and qualify and regardless of how well you design solutions for customers, if you are weak in closing sales, you will suffer in your career. While closing sales comes natural to some, others will benefit from learning how to effectively use proven closing techniques.

While this list of closing techniques is certainly not a complete list, it represents the techniques that have proven to be effective over time. As with learning the features and benefits of your product or service, learning these closing techniques takes time, practice, patience and trust.

1. The Columbo Close

Not only was the TV character Columbo a fantastic police detective, he was also a wonderful sales coach. And while few would ever see Columbo as a sales professional, his one famous line has lead to more sales closes than most any other line in sales history.

Just one more thing, Columbo's famous line, opens doors, removes guards and allows you a glimpse into the unprotected mind of your customer.

2. The Assumptive Close

The Assumptive Close helps put the sales professional in a better state of mind as they assume that the customer is going to make a purchase. As long as the sales pro makes sure that they he covers each step of the sales process and provides enough value to the customer, assuming that the sale will close is a powerful and highly effective closing technique. If you learn only one close, this is the one to learn.

3. The Puppy Dog Close

Thomas Phelps

Few can resist the cuteness of a puppy. And for those sales professionals who have the option of allowing their prospects to "test drive" or "trial" their product, the Puppy Dog close has a very high closure rate. Though there are several things, some contollable and some not, that the sales pro must consider, using a Puppy Dog close is a low pressure, highly effective method to get a customer to sign on the bottom line.

If you've ever purchased a car, the cales sales professional most likely employed the puppy dog close on you and probably never new he was using this technique. But once you are aware of the technique, how to use it and when not to use it, you'll see your sales numbers steadily improve.

4. The Backwards Close

Most every sales professional was taught that sales cycles follow a pre-determined number of steps. Those in sales should start at step 1 and do everything they professionally can to move all the way to the final step. But what if they started at the final step and aksed for referrals? This is the Backwards Closing Technique that starts where most sales end.

It is not the easiest, smoothest or predictable closing techniqe, but, when used by a pro, can be one of the most effective.

5. The Hard Close


Hard closing demands a lot of courage and confidence and should only be used when you have nothing to lose. While people generally love to buy things, most hate being sold to. And when it comes to the hard close, customers are well aware that you are selling them something. But depsite its negative reputation, sometimes the hard close is the best closing technique to use. As long as you use it correctly.

While many sales professionals believe that they should close often and early, hard closing should only be used when you have nothing to use and never should be used too early in the sales cycle.

6. The Relationship Close

Thomas Phelps

The golden rule is sales states that if a customer likes you, they will find a reason to buy from you. Conversely, if a customer does not like you, they will find a reason not to buy from you. Building a relationship with a customer is a sure way to not only close a sale but to create a long-term customer.

Unless what you sell is a "one and done" type of product or service, learning how to build rapport with your customers is the most powerful closing tool you will ever enjoy using. The biggest danger in building solid relationships with your customers is that you may end up being uncomfortable building any profit in your deals.

7. The Take Away Close


Let's face it, we hate when things are taken away from us. Go and try to take the proverbial candy away from a baby and you'll get a very loud example of one simple fact: No one likes having things taken from them. Whether it is something you own or something that you want to own.

But did you know that taking things away from your prospects can actually be used as a closing technique? As with all closing techniques, the take away close takes a discipline professional to know how and when to use it correctly. If used too often or too early, you'll end up negatively effecting your margin. Like every other sale, the Take Away Close is not the "end all, be all" close. Learn it and, more importantly, learn when to use it.

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