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Too Shy to be in Sales?

Sunday April 13, 2014
shy.jpgThink of a typical sales person. Better yet, think of what most people would think of the personality of a typical sales person. Let me guess, you believe that most people would find a typical sales professional to be outgoing, extroverted, a bit of an excessive talker and probably someone who enjoys being in the spotlight.

But how many people would say that a sales rep would be shy or introverted? Not many, I bet.

But does that mean that introverted people are a rare breed in the sales industry or that those who are shy won't have what it takes to succeed in sales?

Both assumptions are completely wrong.

Think about some of the critical sales skills that a sales rep must have and improve on constantly. They need to be good listeners and to be able to understand what their customer's challenges are. Sales professionals need to pay attention to details and to be calm when things go wrong. And, of course, sales people need to be able to build trust and rapport with their customers and prospects.

I'm certainly not suggesting that an extrovert can't possess all of these important skills but the above listed traits are more often associated with those usually considered to be introverted. So can an introvert make it in sales? In my opinion and experience, introverts often make the best sales professionals!

Silence the Screaming Energy Suckers

Thursday April 10, 2014
Do it Now

Shhhh. Hear that sucking sound all around you? That sound is the work of your energy traps, silently sapping your energy away and severely limiting your productivity. Whether you call them energy traps or "targets of potential procrastination," each of us have things that we know we should do but either don't do or put off for as long as possible.

So what's a sales professional to do, knowing that there are so many things that should or must be done in a typical work day? Author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy suggests that sales reps (and everyone else for that matter,) should eat a frog first thing every morning.


Let me explain. There's a saying that if you had to eat a live frog everyday and chose to eat that frog first thing in the morning, then everything else you completed that day would seem like a breeze when compared to choking down that morning frog.

Putting "musts" off not only creates an energy trap as you consistently think about the fact that you still need to complete your hated must, but also can be very damaging to your career success. There are some common things that sales professionals around the world know they should do but don't ever either find the time, the courage or are allowed to be rationalized to the back-burner.

So what are your "frogs" and how do they compare with these commonly disliked parts of most sales jobs?

The Perfect Job

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Perfect Job?

There are plenty of reasons people choose a career in sales and there are also plenty of reasons why people choose not be get into or stay in a sales position. In fact, people seem to wander from job to job, from company to company, all searching for their "perfect job."

Searching for the "perfect job" may be a fools errand, however as perfection is often sought but seldom found. What may be perfect for one could be absolute misery for someone else.

I get asked quite often what my perfect job would be and I usually respond that the only perfect job is the one that I create for myself. I then respond that the terms "perfect" and "job" don't go together very well. I suggest that instead of searching for a perfect job that people search for or design a perfect career. There are a lot fewer things that can go wrong with a career than with a particular job.

What is a "Bad" Sale?

Sunday April 6, 2014
Think you made a "bad" sale?

Think you know the difference between a good sale and a bad sale? I'm sure that most people would agree that a good sale is a sale that ends with the customer, the sales professional and the sales company are all happy. Conversely, most would say that a bad sale happens when one of those 3 criteria are not met.

But is there more to a bad sale than just when one or more people involved in the sale are unhappy? More importantly, are there elements of a bad sale that would surprise even the most tenured sales professional?

I think it is fairly obvious that if a sales rep makes a habit of closing bad deals that they won't be in the industry for long. But that doesn't mean that a rep skilled at bad sales won't earn a lot of money while in the sales industry. And while earning a substantial income is certainly one of the main reasons people choose a career in sales, those who only seek to earn a lot of money without regard to their customers or their company are a significant reason why sales professionals often have a bad reputation.

From one sales professional's viewpoint, I would love it if every other sales professional in the world would learn to identify what makes for a bad sale and do whatever it takes to either turn the sale into a good sale or have the courage to walk away.

It certainly isn't easy to walk away from a sale but doing so may just be the best thing you could possibly do for your career.

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